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Sara & Ben – Florida Botanical Gardens Wedding – Honeymoon Island Engagement


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Alyssa & Mike – Florida Aquarium Wedding & yBor Engagement


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Keli and Brandon – Ybor Engagement

Keli’s excitement and Brandon’s nonchalant attitude for photography made this a very fun shoot in Tampa’s yBor City district. Think Pink Photography will be there exclusive wedding photographers in the May of 2012. Check out the engagement session highlights.

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Downtown St. Petersburg Engagement – Megan & John


This was Think Pink Photography’s first trip to downtown St. Petersburg and it won’t be our last!  The massive banyan trees, coastal view, and landmarks such as the Salvador Dali museum make it a photography paradise.  Had a blast with Megan, John and their four-legged friend Kody on this hot and humid day.  Looking forward to their September wedding at the Post Card Inn on St. Pete Beach!  Check out the photos below!  Enjoy!

Greg & Christina – The Engagement vs The Tornado


I was so excited to have the best man at my wedding ask me to do his engagement photos!  Greg and Christina are a wonderful couple I’ve known my entire life in Florida.  A day of rain spoiled our first attempt.  Then a “mess-up” in scheduling a make-up artist allowed another storm to roll in on our second.  With a Tornado warning in the near by area, we decided,  LETS DO THIS!  Luckily, the rain drops only lasted a minute and the wind enventually died down.  And sun the sun stayed up just long enough to capture these images at Philippe Park.  Enjoy!

Jamie and Mike – Family trip to yBor City!

When most families contact Think Pink Photography for family photos, it’s usually the traditional, white shirt, blue jeans on the beach. I was thrilled when Jamie said she wanted to go somewhere different, yBor City! Ybor City is definitly a great place for anyone wanting a more urban feel to there photos. I had a great time with them and the kids! Check out the photos below:

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We’re Going Downtown! – Terri & Tim

I had the pleasure of meeting Terri and Tim through Michelle at “A Lifetime of Memories and Events” and will be capturing the moments of their wedding in November!  We traveled to Downtown Tampa which seemed to be a ghost town on this Sunday evening.  A good thing though, since we probably would have got in trouble had anyone seen climbing on things not meant to be climbed!  Be sure to check out all the photos below!

Jessica & Eddie : Engagement Session Downtown Tampa

Think Pink Photography was there to photograph Jessica and Eddie for what will be some of their first photos together!  Eddie, helped make my job easy by cracking a joke or making a smart-alec remark to make Jessica laugh.  Can’t wait to make the trip to Venice for the wedding!   This was my first of of many trips I will take to downtown, so many hidden spots many people wouldn’t guess we were in the heart of Tampa.  Click on the photos below to enlarge.

Corinne & Anthony’s Engagement photos from Philippe Park

When Corinne and Anthony told me they were getting married in less than 30 days, I wondered how would we find time to get engagement photos done.  Well we managed to find the time and even had Corinne’s future son, Cole, join in on the fun!  We went Philippe Park in Safety Harbor to capture their first family photos.  Though the bugs might have ended our session early, we still managed to get some great shots!  Looking forward to the wedding in Key West!  Click on the images below.

Jessica and Kevin’s Engagement

I can’t tell you how much I love shooting in yBor, the backdrop to Jessica and Kevin’s engagement session.  Evey time I’m to find new spots to take pictures.   I often loose track of time and go beyond the normal one hour session!  I’m really happy they Think Pink Photography as their exclusive photographer since they are such a fun couple and easy to photograph.  Can’t wait till the wedding in May!  Enjoy!

Janine & Steve’s Two Year Anniversary!

My photographer friend came to me again, this time for a shoot with husband!  The special occasion was their two-year anniversary!  At the end of the shoot the both of them came to me and said that it felt like they were back in high school all over again! 

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