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Ana & Kevin – Cross Creek Ranch Wedding – Tampa Florida

PNK_0546-EditCould this be the most ideal wedding venue in Florida?  The crew at Cross Creek Ranch definitely has weddings down to a science!  It’s a photographer’s paradise.  Everywhere we looked another photo opportunity popped up!  Ana & Kevin looked amazing on their wedding day and their venue was the perfect match.  We enjoyed every minute of it!  Check out all the images from their day below.

Catherine & Peter – Rusty Pelican Wedding – Tampa Florida

PNK_7610-EditWant to get the most out of your wedding day?  Catherine and Peter took our advance and never regretted it!  How you might ask?  You see Catherine, who goes by Cat, and Peter had already seen each other prior to the ceremony in the moment know as “The First Look”.  This private encounter allows the couple to see each other for the first time without the pressure of hundreds of guests looking on.  We also got most of the formal family photos an wedding portrait shots too.  This way the couple could truly enjoy their day without any added pressure.  We were also able to time several stunning sunset photos right outside Rusty Pelican which sits right inside of Tampa Bay.  Take a look at more from Cat & Peter’s special day.

Kenna & Matt – Florida Beach Wedding – Treasure Island FL


Where’s the best place to get a that perfect sunset photo?  With over 600 miles of beaches in Florida, it’s no wonder why Florida is the perfect destination for a beach wedding!  That’s why Kenna and Matt chose the St Petersburg Lions Club Beach House right on Treasure Island beach for their venue.  Check the rest below.

Bridgette & Reno – Prowel Crosley Estate Wedding – Sarasota Florida


Built in the 1929, The Powel Crosley Estate has amazing architecture and beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico.  This made it to the top of Bridgette and Reno’s list for their gulf-side wedding in Sarasota.  Check out a few of the photos from their wedding below.

Melisa & John – Harbor Hall Wedding – Palm Harbor FL


Erin & Michael – Heritage Springs Country Club Wedding – Trinity Florida


Britney & Tim – Disney Wedding – Orlando Florida


Diana & Joe – Beauty & the Beast Inspired – Saddlebrook Resort Wedding – Wesley Chapel Florida


Diona & Greg – Selby Gardens Wedding – Sarasota Florida


Mirela & Anthony – The Birchwood Wedding – St Petersburg Florida


Julia & Steven – St Petersburg Florida Wedding


Jamie & Anthony – The Grand Plaza Hotel Wedding – St Pete Beach Florida


Sara & Ben – Florida Botanical Gardens Wedding – Honeymoon Island Engagement


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Alyssa & Mike – Florida Aquarium Wedding & yBor Engagement


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Amanda and Arnold – Sunken Gardens Wedding


You really couldn’t ask for a more perfect day or location. Think Pink Photography was chosen to capture the moments of Amanda and Arnold as they took their vows to St Petersburg Florida. The big beautiful banyan trees served as the backdrop for the portrait session followed by a Ceremony at very scenic Sunken Gardens. Some of my favorite images of the year came from this wedding!

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